Instructions for Home Tension Rods With Three Baskets

Home tension rods with three baskets refers to particular types of tension rods that you install vertically, instead of horizontally.

These types of tension rods give you storage options through the attached baskets in places where you might not have them, such as in the shower, near your bathroom vanity or in the kitchen. Most of these tension rods and baskets are made of rust-resistant materials so you can place them in damp environments. This storage device is easy to install virtually anywhere without the use of tools or technical training.

  1. Position the tension rod vertically in an area of your office, kitchen or bathroom where you desire more storage space. For instance, you can place it between the tub and bathroom ceiling or between the kitchen counter and kitchen ceiling, among a wide variety of other places.

  2. Adjust the tension rod's position against the wall so that it is perfectly straight. Twist the top of the tension rod, elongating it so it reaches towards the ceiling. Twist the bottom of the tension rod to give it more length. Continue in this manner until your tension rod is suspended tightly between the ceiling and the lower surface of your choice, be it the top of a bathtub, counter or even the floor.

  3. Stand back at least 4 feet from the tension rod, if possible, to see if the rod looks straight and the three baskets look level. You may need to loosen it, adjust it and then re-tighten it.