How to Wash "Dry Clean Only" Polyester in a Machine

If you have a "dry clean only" polyester shirt or pants that you'd like to clean but don't have the money to pay for professional care, you can use your dryer machine to do the job by using a home dry-cleaning kit.

These kits are inexpensive compared with the real thing; you can find them in the laundry detergent and dryer sheet aisle of your retail store; and they will do an effective job of freshening your polyester piece in true dry-cleaning manner.

  1. Place your polyester piece into the large plastic bag that comes with a home dry-cleaning kit.

  2. Open one of the dryer sheets from the kit and unfold it. Place in the plastic bag with the polyester piece and seal the bag.

  3. Place the bag into your dryer machine.

  4. Set the dryer to the "tumble" setting and allow the machine to run for 10 minutes. The heat should be set to high unless otherwise instructed in your specific home dry-cleaning kit's instructions.

  5. Remove the bag from the dryer and remove the polyester piece from the bag.

  6. Shake the polyester piece out and place it on a hanger immediately to ensure that no wrinkles set in.