How to Make Colored Eggs With Kool-Aid

Looking for a "cool" way to color eggs? Open your pantry and break out the Kool-Aid. Mix your favorite flavors with white vinegar and turn a boring white egg into a beautiful pastel.

How to Make Colored Eggs With Kool-Aid

Things You'll Need:

Things You'll Need

• Kool-Aid packets

• Hard boiled eggs

• Small bowls or containers

• Spoon

• White vinegar

• Egg carton or paper towel

• Gloves (optional)

Step One: Fill Bowls with Vinegar

Fill bowl with vinegar

Fill small mixing bowls ¾ with white vinegar.

Step Two: Pour and Stir Packets Into Vinegar

Open packet and stir into vinegar

Open your Kool-Aid packets and pour contents into the white vinegar. Stir with your spoon.

Step Three: Dip Eggs

Dip egg into vinegar with spoon

Place hard boiled egg onto the spoon and dip into the Kool-Aid/white vinegar mixture. Dip several times until you reach your desired color.

The longer you leave them in the Kool-Aid mixture the bolder their color.

Step Four: Remove Eggs and Dry

Remove eggs and dry

Remove colored eggs and place in a carton to dry. Let dry for two to 24 hours.