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How to Use the Egg & Muffin Toaster

Jasey Kelly

West Bend's Back to Basics Egg & Muffin Toaster comes in two-slot and four-slot versions. The machine resembles a toaster with an attached egg-cooker on the side. The egg cooker portion can steam/poach eggs for a breakfast sandwich or boil eggs. It also has a heating tray in which you can heat precooked meat slices, tomatoes or pineapple to add to your breakfast sandwich. The appliance has control buttons for ease of use.

Poached Eggs for a Breakfast Sandwich

Cook your egg, heat your meat and toast your muffin for breakfast.
  1. Add the amount of water needed for your desired egg consistency to the heating tray. For a soft egg with a runny center, add 2 tbsp. of water; for partially cooked yolks, add 2-1/2 tbsp. of water; and for hard eggs, add 3 tbsp. of water.

  2. Put the steamer tray above the heating tray.

  3. Spray the poaching tray with nonstick cooking spray.

  4. Break the egg into the poaching tray. Break the yolk with a fork or scramble the egg.

  5. Place the poaching tray above the steaming tray.

  6. Put the lid on the warming tray and push the "EGG" button. It will turn blue. The egg is done when the "EGG" button is no longer blue.

Boiled Eggs

  1. Select your desired consistency for boiled eggs, either hard-, medium- or soft-cooked and the number of eggs to be cooked. The two-slot appliance can cook up to four eggs at a time.

  2. Add the correct amount of water for your number of eggs and desired consistency. For 1 soft-cooked egg, add 3-1/2 tbsp. of water, 4-1/2 tbsp. of water for a medium-cooked egg or 7 tbsp. of water for a hard-cooked egg. For 2 eggs, reduce the amount of water by 1/4 tbsp. for each consistency. For three eggs, add 2-3/4 tbsp. of water for soft-cooked, 3-3/4 tbsp. for medium-cooked or 6-1/4 tbsp. for hard-cooked. For four eggs, reduce the amount of water by 1/4 tbsp. from the amount used for three eggs according to each consistency.

  3. Rinse the eggs thoroughly. Puncture each of the eggs with the egg piercer on the bottom of the measuring cup.

  4. Put the eggs in the steamer tray, with the pierced side up. Place the steamer tray on the heating tray.

  5. Put the lid on the steamer tray, press the "EGG" button. The eggs are done when the "EGG" button is no longer illuminated blue.

Toast-Only Function

  1. Place your desired bread--English muffin, bread or bagels--into the slots.

  2. Control the darkness by adjusting the dial.

  3. Push the "TOAST" button. It will flash blue. Press the lever down until it locks in position. The "TOAST" button will turn solid blue.

  4. The toast will pop up when it has reached the selected browning level and the blue light will go off.