How to Cover a Bidet

Jamie Peacock

Bidets are bathroom fixtures that aren't usually found in the United States. They are frequently located next to the toilet and are similar in shape. A bidet has a water spigot that is adjustable in temperature and pressure so that a user can rinse his hands after using the toilet.

Bidets are normally installed next to the toilet.

Some people who have bidets in their homes prefer to keep them covered in between uses.

  1. Purchase a bidet cover. Duravit makes a simple cover that can be installed on European bidets and is available directly through the Duravit website. Make sure that the cover you pick is compatible with your bidet before purchasing. it Some bidet covers are set on top, while others, like Roca, are installed.

  2. Make sure that there is at least a 40mm gap behind the back of the bidet, if it's already in place and you are buying a cover that will require installation. You will need the space to attach the cover. If there isn't space, you may not be able to cover your bidet.

  3. Install the cover. Follow the specific instructions provided with your bidet cover as they will vary by manufacturer and type of bidet. If you're using one that doesn't require installation, set it on the bidet when it's not in use.

  4. Tip

    If you can't find a bidet cover, contact the manufacturer directly to see if the style you want is in stock. Install the cover before the bidet is put in place, if possible.