How to Mix Adhesive & Rubber Crumbs

Louis Gutierrez

Crumb rubber is a safe non-abrasive material that is perfect for playgrounds, garage floors, and other floor surfaces that need a soft and durable flooring material. In most cases the crumb rubber is already sold in pre-made tiles that are easy to install.

Rubber flooring is sold in a variety of colors.

But if you want to fill the seams of an irregular shape you must make your own crumb rubber and adhesive mixture to fill it in. For those who have never mixed adhesive and rubber crumbs together, it can be difficult to mix it correctly. However, with the right tools and directions you will be able to mix the adhesive and crumbs in no time.

  1. Cut the rubber crumbs into small pieces if it has not already been cut. In most cases it will come cut and will require no further cutting. If the rubber crumbs are large pieces, use the utility knife to cut them it into small pieces about the size of a penny.

  2. Pour the adhesive and rubber crumbs into the bucket. Make sure you buy adhesive for rubber crumbs, and not a random construction adhesive.

  3. Mix the adhesive and rubber crumb mixture in the bucket with the electric drill and the mixing paddle for at least three minutes.

  4. Scrape the sides and the bottom of the bucket with the spatula to mix any pieces of rubber stuck on the sides of the bucket.

  5. Mix again the mixture with the drill and the paddle for about one minute. You can now use the adhesive and rubber crumb mixture.