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How to Remove Rubber Backing From Throw Rugs

Jaimie Zinski

Many throw rugs are made with a secondary latex or rubber backing. The backing provides the rug with a non-slip surface that makes them safer to use throughout the house, including the bathroom. After time and exposure to heat and humidity, the rug's backing may begin to break off in chunks. Removing any remaining backing from the rug will allow the owner to replace the backing entirely.

  1. Flip the rug over to expose the rubber backing.

  2. Remove any of the remaining rubber backing by scraping it away with a plastic putty knife. Scrape in a direction away from your body for safety.

  3. Throw away all the rubber chunks and examine the rug for any smaller pieces that remain.

  4. Remove any of the smaller pieces by carefully scraping them off with a razor blade.

  5. Vacuum the back of the rug with a hand-held vac or the hose attachment of a full-sized vacuum cleaner. This will remove any rubber particles that remain.

  6. Replace the backing, if desired. There are several options available, including liquid latex and self-adhesive rubber backing.