How to Make a Hanging Fixture

Create an easy and inexpensive hanging light fixture in a single afternoon. Use a hanging cord light kit with a threaded plastic socket to construct a custom light fixture without cutting, stripping or wiring any electrical components.

Create a hanging lamp from a basket or inexpensive lampshade.

Unscrew a simple plastic ring from a threaded socket, push the socket through a hole in a makeshift or purchased lampshade, and screw the plastic ring back on to secure the fixture.

    Turn a simple wicker basket into an easy-to-make hanging lamp.
  1. Turn lightweight wicker basket bottom side up. Unscrew plastic ring from plastic socket of light kit. Use marker and bottom of plastic socket as a template to trace a circle in the middle of the wicker basket.

  2. Use utility knife to cut marked circle from basket bottom. Use electrical tape to cover exposed edges of the cut circle in the wicker basket by cutting a long piece of tape to fit lengthwise inside the circle, positioning half of the tape on the top and half of the tape on the bottom of the cut circle. Then fold the tape back over on the top and bottom of the circle to create an electrical tape border to cover the exposed circle edges.

  3. Hanging plastic socket light kits are easy to use.
  4. With the basket sitting open side down, push the plastic socket down through the cut hole in the wicker basket. Secure the basket to the socket by screwing the plastic ring from the light kit back onto the socket.

  5. Use a hammer to gently tap one of the two hooks from the light kit into the ceiling wherever you have chosen to place the hanging fixture. Hand screw the hook in; then secure the fixture to the ceiling hook at the desired height.

  6. Tap and screw the second hook from the light kit into the ceiling, next to the wall and above an electrical outlet. Plug the light kit into electrical outlet.

  7. Finishing the project is as easy as screwing in a light bulb.
  8. Screw the light bulb into the hanging fixture to complete project.

  9. Tip

    You can purchase threaded plastic socket hanging cord light kits from your local home improvement store. The cost is usually from $4 to $15. Shades can be made of any item you can cut a circle into. Use large tin cans, decorative shopping bags or any other sturdy, lightweight object eight inches in diameter or more. This will keep the item away from the heat of the bulb when centered in the fixture.


    Always follow manufacturer guidelines for maximum bulb wattage in the fixture to insure safety.


  • Always follow manufacturer guidelines for maximum bulb wattage in the fixture to insure safety.