How to Get Burnt-On Stains Off a Smooth Stove Top

April Dowling

Glass stove tops’ smooth appearance and heat retention properties make them popular with homeowners. Like all stoves, smooth stove tops acquire burnt-on stains from overflowing pots and inadvertent spills. Burnt-on stains aesthetically mar smooth stove tops, and emit an unpleasant aroma whenever burners are in use.

Keep smooth stove tops clean for sanitary and aesthetic reasons.

These stains may also lead to potentially dangerous kitchen fires. Since burnt-on stains are both hazardous and unsightly, remove them from your smooth stove top immediately with a few basic household supplies and techniques.

  1. Scrape the burnt-on grime with a wooden spatula, loosening as much dried residue as possible.

  2. Saturate a dishrag with water. Wipe down the stove top to remove the loosened fragments.

  3. Moisten another dishrag with water if burnt-on residue persists. Sprinkle baking soda generously on the dishrag.

  4. Scrub the remaining stuck-on residue with the damp baking soda, removing the residue completely.

  5. Dampen another dishrag with water. Wipe down the stove top to rinse away the loosened burnt residue and baking soda.

  6. Wipe all moisture off the stove top using a soft dishtowel.

  7. Tip

    Immediately wipe spills off of smooth stove tops to prevent burnt-on stains. Substitute commercial nonabrasive cleaning powder for baking soda.


    Sharp knives and metal scrapers scratch smooth stove tops.