How to Make Wall Paint Appear Shimmery

Regular wall paint offers few choices when it comes to finished texture or effects. A top-coat glitter glaze can make wall paint appear shimmery or opalescent. Glaze can be applied with a high-quality brush or paint roller.

Jazz up a plain wall with shimmery paint.

It will appear a cloudy white color when applied, but once dry the finish hardens clear and sparkly. Specialty glazes are much more expensive than regular wall paint, but you can save money by using them as an accent rather than covering all the walls.

  1. Repair any imperfections on the wall surface. Clean any dust and debris away from the surface to be painted. Wipe the wall with plain water and allow it to dry.

  2. Stir or shake the glaze vigorously. Fill a paint tray partway with glaze and run a roller or brush through the tray.

  3. Apply the glaze to the area in short brush or roller strokes. Keep the glaze evenly distributed.

  4. Allow to dry for 1 to 28 hours, according to package directions and don't hang or press anything against the wall or get the wall wet for five to seven days.