How to Make a Resin Film Negative Bracelet

Amanda Johnson

Film-negative bracelets can be wonderful keepsake gifts. People store most photos digitally nowadays, leaving film negatives an insignificant source for photos. Once converted to a digital file, the film negative has no real purpose. Recycling the film negative into a bracelet is easy using resin.

Recycle film negatives into jewelry.

With some simple craft-store supplies and safety equipment, you can make a resin film-negative bracelet in about 30 minutes.

  1. Set up a working area. Lay wax paper on a flat surface. Trim the film negative with scissors, if needed, to fit the silicone bangle mold.

  2. Spray the silicone bangle mold with a mold release spray. Fit the film negative into the mold. Push the film to the center of the mold so that it is on the inside of the bracelet. Glue the ends of the film negative together with hot glue if they will not stay in place.

  3. Mix equal portions of resin and hardener together in a plastic cup. Use a craft stick to stir.

  4. Pour the prepared resin into the silicone bangle mold until filled. Pop air bubbles by running a heat gun about 10 inches over the resin surface. Use a toothpick to pop large air bubbles that don't disappear with the heat gun.

  5. Cure the resin. Drying times vary, according to temperature. Cure the resin for 72 hours in 70-degree heat, 48 hours in 80-degree heat or 36 hours in 90-degree heat. Cooler temperatures require longer curing times.

  6. Remove the film-negative bracelet from the silicone mold. If rough edges exist, use wet sandpaper under running water to smooth.

  7. Tip

    Rubbing alcohol cleans wet resin from surfaces.


    Always wear a respirator in a well-ventilated area when working with resin. Protect your eyes with safety goggles and your hands with latex gloves.

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