How to Hang Curtains Over a Baseboard Radiator

D. Laverne O'Neal

A baseboard radiator operates via convection. The vents at the top of the unit take in cold air, while the lower vents expel heated air. In this way, air continually circulates. If the intake or outflow of air is blocked, the baseboard heating system will not work efficiently.

A baseboard heater can become quite hot.

Moreover, the baseboard unit can become quite hot when in use. To prevent fire danger, and for the sake of steady circulation, curtains and furniture should be at a distance of at least 12 inches from the radiator.

  1. Measure a distance of 12 inches above the radiator. Mark the point lightly with a pencil.

  2. Measure the distance from the curtain rod down to the marked point above the baseboard.

  3. Purchase or unearth curtains that are not longer than the measurement you took. If you cannot find curtains of this length, you may need to buy longer curtains and hem them with a machine or by hand.

  4. Slip the curtains over the rod and mount the rod onto the wall above the window as you usually do. This may require slipping the ends of the rod onto wall brackets, settling a straight rod onto a pair of protruding brackets, or sliding an expandable rod to rest snugly at the top of the window well.

  5. Tip

    Buying curtains that do not extend beyond the windowsill is a way to help ensure safety and proper heat circulation.


    Hanging curtains too close to a baseboard heater may interfere with the circulation of heated air.