How to Make Mosquito Curtains

Quinn Marshall

Mosquito curtains are curtains or drapes made from a very thin fabric that allows air to pass through while keeping out mosquitoes and other insects. A mosquito curtain is very useful over a tent when camping, around a porch in the summer time or around your bed if you live in an area with high mosquito counts.

Mosquito nets can be attractive in addition to their utilitarian purpose.

You can make your own mosquito curtains using mosquito net fabric, rope and weights to hold the fabric down.

  1. Determine what type of curtain you need, which will affect how you construct the net. For example, if you need a curtain to surround your bed at night, the net must be very large. If, on the other hand, you need to place a curtain over an exposed window to keep insects out, a smaller net can be used.

  2. Measure the size of the curtain you need. For example, if you need to cover a window, measure the length and width of the window with a tape measure. Unroll a piece of mosquito net fabric that is several inches longer than the length you require. If the fabric isn't wide enough, measure out a second piece that is identical in length and stitch the two together using thread and a sewing needle. Be sure to sew the seams so that there are no gaps in which mosquitoes can enter. You can also use a sewing machine, which is ideal for very long curtains.

  3. Hang the curtain in place so that there are no gaps through which the mosquitoes can enter. If you want to permanently fix the curtain in place, such as a permanent net over an exposed window, you can glue it in place with all-purpose glue or stick it in place with double-sided tape.

  4. Tie the curtain in place if it needs to be movable, such as a canopy over a bed. Pinch the center of the net and tie a length of rope around it. Tie the other end of the rope to the ceiling over the item you need to cover so that the curtain drapes over the item and touches the floor; screw a hook into the ceiling to which you can tie the rope if nothing else is available. Make the rope long enough for the netting to overlap on the floor several inches.

  5. Weigh the netting down on the floor by placing a heavy item over it. You can use rocks, metal weights or long boards laid lengthwise over the edges.

  6. Cut a vertical slit in the netting if you need to enter and exit the curtains. Sew a large piece of mosquito net fabric on to the edges of the slit to form large overlapping "doors," which will keep the mosquitoes out when they're closed but also allow you to enter and exit the net without lifting it and letting in a swarm of insects.

  7. Tip

    Be creative; there are many different ways to make mosquito curtains, one of which may be better suited to your needs than another.