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How to Arrange a Bedroom with Windows on Three Walls

Mackenzie Wright

In some homes, there is no such thing as too many windows. A bedroom with a lot of windows allows you to let in as much light as you want, and the windows and views themselves can act as decorative elements. If arranging furniture with all those windows intimidates you, shrug off the rules and think outside of the box.

Some windows are too stunning to cover up.

Bed Under the Window

Draw attention to your bed by placing it in front of a window. When you put the bed in front of windows, the windows act like an extension of the headboard. A bigger headboard brings more attention and gives your bed more importance as a focal point of the room. If your windows have architectural interest, or if they reveal a spectacular view, you don't really have to do anything to them. Just park the bed front and center. If the window frames are ordinary or outdated and the view is less than attractive, hang dramatic window treatments to add a sense of grandeur to your bedroom.

Cover One Wall

If you feel that there are just too many windows in the room and that it is completely overpowering, cover one wall of windows. Since you already have windows on two other walls, allowing light and air to flow into the room is not a problem. Large, floor-to-ceiling shelving and wall units can hide the windows on one wall as if they were never there, and will multiply your storage space exponentially. Another option is hanging heavy wall-to-wall draperies to create a lush fabric curtain wall. Use a blackout drapery liner to prevent light from shining through in the daytime. Draperies work like an accent wall, adding a pop of color and texture to the room.

Choose Short Furnishings

Save the plain wall to feature tall furnishings, such as an attractive armoire, a bookcase or an entertainment console. For the rest of the room, choose shorter, wider pieces that fit neatly below the windows. For example, instead of a chest of drawers, choose a double dresser. Instead of putting a 5-shelf bookcase in front of a window, get two 3-shelf bookcases and put them side by side. Choose a vanity with a flip-top mirror so you can close it after using it. The windows themselves become the featured wall decor above the furniture. Dress them attractively with window treatments and place a vase of flowers or a potted plant on the sill to catch the eye. Alternately, go with sleek wood window blinds stained a rich color.

Go Catty-Corner

If your one windowless wall has closets or doors and is not a candidate for tall pieces, and you don't want to fully cover any windows, put your furniture in a catty-corner arrangement. Partially blocking a window by sticking a chifforobe or curio cabinet in front of it can make the room look awkward and crowded, as if you just stuck it there because you had no other place for it. Experiment with angling that piece in a corner. Placed right, catty-corner pieces help the floor plan flow and add the illusion of a wider room. If you're shopping for furniture, consider picking up a cabinet or shelving unit made to fit snugly into a corner.