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How to Decorate Small Rooms With Corner Windows

Katie Duzan

Usually, rooms have windows somewhere along the middle of the wall. However, some rooms have corner windows, where two windows meet in the corner of the room. Since the corner window takes up a whole corner of the room, decorating the room is a little different than rooms with windows along the wall. If the corner window is in a small room, that just adds to the difficulty in decorating. However, there are several tricks you can use to successfully decorate these challenging rooms.

  1. Keep it open. Don't try to put oversized furniture in a small room, especially when corner windows cover one side of the room. Too large or too many pieces of furniture make a small room appear cluttered and unkempt. Make sure that people in the room can move around freely, without bumping into furniture.

  2. Minimize distractions. The focus of the room should be on the corner windows. Don't put tons of stuff on the walls, as this will detract from the window setup. Pick a few small items to put on each wall, or one large item. Make the windows the focal point, and don't let the walls detract from the windows.

  3. Use the windows. Don't block the windows with furniture. Use tie-back curtains on the windows or other adjustable window treatments. Tie-back curtains add a splash of color, and can be pulled back on sunny days to let the sunlight in the room. The curtains also close to ensure privacy and conserve energy. For a little added privacy, add a sheer panel behind the curtains.

  4. Go with light walls. Light colors make small spaces seem larger. The light color also works with the light coming in from the corner windows. Light neutrals such as beige or cream work well with any décor. For a little color, use pastels like pink or yellow on the walls.

  5. Liven it up. All the natural light coming from the corner windows makes for a great environment for indoor plants. The type of houseplant to use depends on which direction the window faces. Windows on the southeast side of the house are great for houseplants that need high or medium levels of sunlight. Windows on the northwest side are best suited for houseplants that need lower levels of light.