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How Can I Arrange Furniture in My Mobile Home?

Alyssa Ideboen

Tight spaces in homes make it hard to get comfortable when maneuvering around furniture. In a mobile home, furniture placed in the wrong positions can make entertaining next to impossible. Arrange the furniture in your mobile home to create the best flow for foot traffic. Consider various arrangements to make the best out of a tight living space. Make your mobile home look top-notch by putting furniture in places that benefits both you and the room.

Maximize the full potential of your mobile home by arranging furniture to open up room space.
  1. Use a pale palette. Choose furniture with neutral and light colors to create the illusion of a larger space. Avoid picking pieces with busy prints. Stick with furniture that matches both in color and style.

  2. Move the big pieces out of the way. Push a large sofa or chair away from doorways and entryways. Furniture that crowds around an entryway can make a mobile home look cramped.

  3. Store items vertically. Instead of having clutter loose on furniture, store knickknacks and books in a book case against a wall. A tall bookcase gives an illusion of length, which will help your mobile home seem bigger.

  4. Keep furniture away from the windows. Don't block the light, as it can provide an airy, open feeling to small living quarters. Arrange chairs or other furniture pieces to flank windows, or move them into another room.

  5. Divide up the living space. If you have one large area for your living space, divvy it up with screens, curtains or other room dividers. Create rooms with your furniture by zoning pieces into specific spots. Keep bedroom furniture in one area, dining table and chairs in another, and living room pieces in their own spot. Breaking up the room helps to bring focus and purpose to the furniture as well.

  6. Put away the oversized pieces. Sell or donate large pieces of furniture that don't fit in your mobile home. Even if you are able to squeeze the piece in, if it is constantly in the way, it can detract from the room's comfort and design. Get rid of it and opt for scaled-down furniture that fits the size of the room.