Cute Baby Announcement Idea: Gender Reveal Nesting Dolls

Machelle Vanderhoeven and Malissa Levesque

A cute and unique way to present the gender of your upcoming baby to friends and loved ones by using traditional Russian nesting dolls and a coat of paint.

Here's a unique and cute way to reveal the gender of your baby: Paint traditional Russian nesting dolls a neutral color (decked out with fun patterns) and then let the last little doll announce your baby's gender by painting it pink or blue. You can also add the words "girl!" or "boy!" to the last little doll, or even paint or decoupage a sweet little face. Got twins? Paint the last doll half pink/half blue. The anticipation of waiting for that final little doll to peek through and make the big announcement will mount and then you're left with a fun memento of that exciting moment.

    Prepare the Dolls and Your Space

  1. These unfinished wood nesting dolls were found on Amazon, with many options available. Feel free to use previously painted dolls, however they may require more coats of primer or paint.

  2. Be sure to cover and ventilate your chosen area where you'll prime and paint.

  3. Prime and Paint the Dolls

  4. We used Rustoleum Granite and Krylon Ballet Slipper, both in a matte/satin finish instead of glossy. Both of these paints include primer within them but if your chosen colors do not, be sure to use one or two coats of primer first.

  5. Give each doll a few coats of paint until desired color and coverage is attained.

  6. Allow the final coat on the dolls to dry for at least 2 hours before moving and re-nesting.

  7. Add Patterns to the Biggest Dolls

  8. Using paint pens, add patterns and abstract graphic elements to all the dolls but the last one. Paint pens are easy to use and you can choose from any variety of patterns.

  9. On the last doll you can write the gender of your baby and add patterns there, too.

  10. Decoupage a Sweet Little Face (Optional)

  11. This baby girl face was found for free online and resized to 1/2 inch using photo editing software to the correct size for the last doll. Searching "vintage baby girl (or boy)" should help you find a face that works.

  12. Print out your chosen face and cut it out.

  13. Using Mod Podge or another glue, paint the back of your baby face.

  14. Apply the face onto the top of the last doll.

  15. Painting on a final coat of glue will help make sure the face stays adhered and protected.

  16. Once all your dolls are painted, add a coating or sealer or leave as is.

  17. Nest the dolls back together for the big moment when you'll make everyone aware of your new addition's gender!

  18. When you're done, take a picture and share on social media to inform all those who weren't there at the actual reveal.

  19. There are endless options for patterns and colors so be creative and enjoy this fun and unique way of revealing baby's gender with absolutely no clean up after!