How to Make Wall Art Using a Throw Rug

Turn a simple cotton throw rug into a fun and colorful wall hanging! By using freezer paper and craft paint, you can transform an inexpensive textile into art.

Everyone knows that artwork can be the easiest way to warm up a space. But here's a trick that's still under the radar: You can create art from a canvas that's usually seen underfoot. The next time you're thinking of ways to add interest to a wall, consider hanging a throw rug as a personalized tapestry. You can dress up the surface with a favorite word or saying, and add details like tassels to complete the look. Inexpensive and colorful, this simple project will be the focal point of any room!

    Choose Your Design

  1. Choose your design and draw it to size on the matte side of the freezer paper.

  2. Cut Out Your Design and Iron It to the Rug

  3. Using the X-Acto knife, carefully cut around your design. Be sure to keep any separated shapes intact, like the inside of the letter “A.”

  4. Then, place the freezer paper with the shiny-side down on the throw rug and iron it with medium heat. The freezer paper should adhere to the rug. Pay special attention to the edges of the stencil!

  5. Paint the Design Onto the Fabric

  6. Take the foam brush and load it with paint. Starting in the middle of each letter, tap gently on the rug to saturate the fabric until you reach the edges. The goal is to have more paint toward the middle of the letters, and less paint at the edges, to avoid paint seeping underneath the stencil.

  7. Let the paint dry and remove the freezer paper. It should pull easily away from the rug.

  8. Add Tassels to the Bottom of the Rug

  9. You can leave the rug as it is, or you can choose to add tassels to the bottom. To do so, wrap yarn around your fingers 10 times. Bring a small piece of yarn through one end of the loop, tie a knot and trim the ends. Wrap more yarn around the loop, about 1 centimeter from the end, with the knot. Cut through the loop of yarn on the opposite side. Sew these tassels onto the bottom edge of the rug as desired.

  10. Attach a Board to the Back of the Rug

  11. To hang the rug, cut a 1 x 2-inch board to the same length as the rug. Then, stain or paint the board as desired. When it's dry, adhere the rug to the backside of the board using staple gun or craft glue. Finally, attach a screw eye into either side of the board.

  12. Hang the Rug on the Wall

  13. Hang the tapestry by placing two small brad nails into the screw eyes. Make sure the tapestry is level on the wall, and your wall art is complete. Since the material is a light textile, this project makes a perfect addition to a kids' room.