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How to Staple Carpet to Plywood

Nick Davis

A long-lasting and flexible building material, plywood is a multipurpose wood product available at hardware, home improvement and building supply stores as well as through online lumber services. The wood also accepts paint, adhesive and even carpet.

Use an adhesive and staples to secure carpeting to plywood.

When applying carpet to plywood, it is important to secure it properly to the material to keep it from wrinkling and popping off the plywood. Using a combination of gluing and stapling secures carpeting to plywood without the hassle of using nails or other fasteners.

  1. Wipe the piece of plywood with a soft cloth or shop towel to remove any loose dirt and dust from the wood.

  2. Spray an even layer of spray adhesive on both the plywood and the backside of the carpeting. Work quickly because spray adhesive dries fast. The adhesive will help secure the carpeting to the plywood.

  3. Place the carpeting on the plywood, adhesive side down, and align the material using a level. You may have excess carpeting hanging off the edge of the plywood — that’s OK. Stretch the carpeting tightly and press the material firmly down on the plywood.

  4. Load 9/16-inch heavy-duty staples into a manual or electric staple gun. If using a electric staple gun, plug the device’s power cord into an electrical outlet and turn on the device.

  5. Staple the carpeting to the plywood by pressing the staple gun firmly into the carpet’s fibers and pressing down on the device’s handle, if using a manual staple gun, or by pressing down on the staple release button, if using a electric staple gun.

  6. Place staples 5 to 6 inches apart around the perimeter of the plywood, then place staples 5 to 6 inches apart across the center of the plywood. Note, you won’t see the staples under the carpet’s fibers once the stapling process is complete.

  7. Use a hammer to drive any problem staples into the plywood. Cut any overlapping excess carpeting from the plywood with a utility knife. Dispose of the scraps in a trash bag or can.


You can also staple overlapping excess carpeting to the underside of the plywood instead of cutting it, if desired.