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How to Remove Sheetrock Corner Beads

Alexander Callos

Corner bead is used during drywall installation to help strengthen the corners of walls. It comes in vinyl, paper or aluminum and is installed over both sides of an inside or outside corner. Corner bead is installed with drywall screws. Screws are inserted through the corner bead and into the drywall behind it.

Over time, the corner bead can become worn down and need to be replaced. The first step in replacing corner bead is to remove it from the wall.

  1. Locate the corner bead at the corner of the wall and check for any loose drywall compound that has been applied over the corner bead. Slide a putty knife along the corner and scrape off any loose joint compound so that the corner bead becomes visible.

  2. Push down firmly on the putty knife and remove a small section of joint compound. Pry up and down on the joint compound until the entire piece of corner bead is exposed. Wipe off any remaining joint compound and other debris with a clean rag.

  3. Remove the screws holding the corner bead in place. Loosen and remove all of the screws up and down the piece of corner bead with a power drill. Set the screws aside. If there are nails holding it in place, pull up on the back of the nail head with the claw of a hammer.

  4. Pry out all of the nails and set them aside. Slide a putty knife between the corner bead and the drywall and carefully pry up. Move the putty knife down along both sides of the corner bead and loosen it from the wall. Pull off the piece of corner bead by hand.