How to Install an Emco Storm Door

Elizabeth Knoll

A storm door is one of the first things visitors notice as they approach a house. Having a new storm door gives your home a clean and modern appearance. Emco is a subsidiary of the Andersen corporation. They make a variety of storm door styles, including a full glass storm door.

Emco doors are available at your local home builder's center. While many retail stores offer installation service, save your money and install the Emco storm door yourself. Installation is quick and simple.

  1. Hold the Emco storm door up to the door opening. Check that the storm door handle will not interfere with the exterior door handle. If it does, the door needs to be installed backwards, with the handle on the other side. Additional hardware may be necessary for backward installation, depending on the storm door's model.

  2. Hold the drip cap against the door opening's top edge. The drip cap's lip points out towards you and the fuzzy portion faces down. Mark the hinge side screw hole and set the drip cap aside. Drill a 1/8-inch pilot hole through the screw hole mark. Lift the drip cap back up to the door opening and insert a supplied screw into the hinge side screw hole.

  3. Measure from the door opening's bottom sill up to the bottom of the drip cap. Transfer this measurement to the hinge side Z-bar, measuring from the Z-bar's top down towards the bottom. Add 1/8-inch to the measurement and make a mark. Use a hacksaw to cut the Z-bar on the mark.

  4. Lay the storm door on its side with the hinge side facing up. Place the hinge Z-bar on the door's edge. Extend the Z-bar 1/8 inch past the door's top edge. Lay the hinges flat against the door's edge and secure them in place with the supplied screws.

  5. Lift the Emco storm door into the door opening. Place a screw through the hinge side Z-bar's top screw hole, securing it to the door opening. Check that the door is flush in the opening by holding a level against its side. Finish securing the hinge side Z-bar to the door opening.

  6. Adjust the drip cap above the Emco storm door so that the gap between the two is even down the entire length. Drill 1/8-inch pilot holes through the remaining screw holes and finish securing the drip cap in place with the supplied screws.

  7. Measure from the bottom sill up to the drip cap's bottom, on the door opening's handle side. Transfer this measurement to the handle side Z-bar. Make the measurement from the top down. To determine the Z-bar's top end, hold it against the door opening and position it so the fuzzy portion is facing out. Cut the Z-bar with a hacksaw.

  8. Hold the handle side Z-bar against the door opening and close the Emco storm door. Position the Z-bar so there is a consistent 3/16-inch gap running down the door's length. Mark the screw holes and set the Z-bar aside. Drill 1/8-inch pilot holes through each mark. Place the Z-bar back on the door opening and secure it in place with the provided screws.

  9. Hold the sweep with the tracks facing up. Slide the two rubber fins through the two tracks. Pinch the tracks' ends with a pliers to secure the rubber fins in place. Use a scissors to cut off any overhanging rubber fin.

  10. Open the Emco storm door. Hold the door sweep with the screw holes facing the home's interior. Slide the sweep onto the door's bottom and drill 1/8-inch pilot holes through the screw holes. Make the pilot holes approximately 1/2-inch deep to prevent drilling entirely through the storm door. Secure the sweep in place with the supplied screws.

  11. Measure the door's length from the door's top to the fin's bottom. Transfer this measurement to the edge seal. Measure the edge seal from the top down. Mark this measurement and cut the edge seal on the mark using a hacksaw. Remove any sharp corners using a metal file.

  12. Place the edge seal on the door's handle-side edge. Drill 1/8-inch pilot holes through each screw hole. Secure the edge seal in place with the provided painted screws.

  13. Snap the screw covers in place over the drip cap and down along the side Z-bars.


Installation of the door handle and door closers vary according to door model. Follow the manufacturer's directions when installing these two pieces.