How to Split a Box Spring

One of the most frustrating parts of a move is finding out that your box spring mattress doesn't fit through a doorway. But rather than throw out your box spring in favor of buying a split box spring, you can split your box spring temporarily and get it through your move.

Best of all, the process is considerably cheaper than buying a whole new box spring.

  1. Lay your box spring down, underside up, and begin removing the staples from the long end of box spring's underside. If pressed for time, you can skip this step and go straight to Step 2, but the end result won't look as nice.

  2. Cut the dust cover down the middle of the long end of the frame, and saw through the wood beams at both ends at this point.

  3. Take the dust cover off of the mattress or move it, so it doesn't get in the way.

  4. Slowly bend your box frame lengthwise. You will likely need help for this as the springs will want to bounce back into place. Tie the two sides of the box spring together using the rope.

  5. Move your box spring to its final room.

  6. Cut off the rope, and place the box spring underside up again.

  7. Flatten out the box spring, and using your drill and screws, screw in your metal plates or beams across where you made your cuts to support the box spring.

  8. Place your box spring cover back on, and staple it back into place.

  9. Flip over your box spring and use it.

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