How to Attach a Headboard to a Wall

How to Attach a Headboard to a Wall. Wall mounted headboards are a standard in many hotel rooms because they are an inexpensive alternative to the traditional headboards requiring assembly and space.

Many homeowners follow this cost saving and space saving cue of the hotel industry and add a touch of personality in the bedroom by simply attaching a decorative headboard to the wall.


Use a custom-created headboard you covered with upholstery fabric to match your bedroom.

  1. Decide how high you want the headboard on the wall. The height depends upon what function the headboard serves. A purely decorative headboard rests lower than a headboard you intend to use as a backrest. Position a headboard as a backrest at least at the height of your head when you are in a sitting position on the bed.

  2. Find the nearest wall studs using a basic stud finder available at any hardware or home improvement store. Wall studs are 16 inches apart so plan accordingly and select wall studs that are the farthest apart but still are both behind the headboard.

  3. Use at least four sets of flush mounts to hang the headboard. First attach the bottom flush mount to the wall by drilling it all the way into the wall and chosen stud. Place the headboard against the wall to mark where to attach the other part of the flush mount hangers.

  4. Drill pilot holes into the headboard at the markings for the mounts. Attach the flush mounts to the headboard facing down or opposite the direction of the mounts on the wall. Slide the mounts on the headboard down onto the wall flush mounts to create interlock the two flush mounts.