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How to Inflate and Aero Bed

M.W. Sand

Whether you're preparing for overnight guests or you're in between a move, an AeroBed can be a great solution to your temporary sleeping problems. AeroBeds come in all typical mattress sizes, and the larger ones can accommodate two adults very comfortably.

Once you have cleared an area large enough to accommodate your mattress, you only have one step left--inflate the AeroBed.

  1. Remove the AeroBed from the box or storage package and unfold it out onto the floor. You want to unfold it with the soft side of the mattress facing up.

  2. Close the black air release valve on the opposite site of the motor. Make sure the cover clicks into place.

  3. Press the white tab on the engine mechanism to release the seal. Plug the cord into and outlet and hold the power button to begin inflating the mattress.

  4. Hold the button until the mattress appears to be full. This should only take a minute or two, but once the mattress appears full, lie on it and continue to inflate it until it reaches your desired firmness.

  5. Unplug the cord and place the included mattress cover on the mattress with the opening over the black release valve, then roll it up and tuck the power cord under the mattress cover.


Vacuum the area before inflating the mattress to ensure there are no sharp objects beneath the mattress. If you over-inflate the mattress, gently press on the white engine mechanism to release small amounts of air.