How to Make a Platform Bed With Closetmaid Storage Units

B.T. Alo

ClosetMaid stocks a range of storage cubbies, but their stackable, one-shelf cubes are ideal fo a platform bed base. By purchasing ready-made cubes, you save a lot of work making your own storage platform bed base from scratch.

Eight ClosetMaid cubes are enough to make a single platform bed, with storage access from both sides of the bed.

  1. Assemble your ClosetMaid cube units as per the assembly instructions (See Resources). The cubes measure 14.75 inches high and 16.5 inches wide and deep.

  2. Line four cubes up side by side. Apply wood glue to all the sides of the cubes that are connecting to another cube, then press them together so you have one long set of four cubes measuring 66 inches in length. Repeat with the remaining four ClosetMaid cubes.

  3. Apply wood glue along the backs of all the cubes, then press the two long cube units together back-to-back to create a base for your platform bed with cubbies on each side, measuring 33-by-66 inches.

  4. Drill a pilot hole in the corners of the back of each cubby, sized for screws long enough to go through the cubby back and into about half of the cubby back it abuts. Ensure you stagger the pilot hole positions slightly, so two screws don’t end up running into each other. Secure the cubbies together with screws through the pilot holes.

  5. Paint two pieces of 16.5-by-33 inch, 3/4-inch plywood, for the ends of the bed and a piece of 39-by-75 inch 3/4-inch plywood for the platform top of the bed. Use paint the same color as your ClosetMaid cubes. Let the paint dry before continuing.

  6. Glue the end pieces of plywood at the head and foot of the cubby base, covering up the joint where the cubbies come together at their backs. Secure the plywood in place with screws driven through the corners of the sides of the end cubbies.

  7. Center the platform piece of plywood over the top of the joined cubby units and secure in place with screws driven through the plywood into the tops of the cubby units. Around four screws per cubby unit should suffice.