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The Best Sofa Manufacturers

Jenna Pope
Table of Contents

The best option for a sofa buyer is one that delivers the highest quality for a reasonable price. There are many sofa manufacturers, but sticking with those that have reputations for economy and durability is the most reliable route to take.

Fabric guard your new sofa if you have pets.

The best sofa manufacturers are Drexel Heritage, Ethan Allen, Thomasville Furniture, Lane Furniture and La-Z-Boy. Each company is well known for its quality, value, service and overall customer satisfaction.

Drexel Heritage

Drexel Heritage sofas offer time-proven elegance and practicality. Since their beginnings in 1903, Drexel Heritage has honed the skill of combining modern functionality with traditional classics. Drexel Heritage sofas can be purchased ready-made or customized. They offer a large pallet of colors and upholstery types. Sofas can be purchased with standard cushions or customized with “Ultra Plush Soft” cushions. Drexel Heritage offers a limited warranty on their sofas and does their own financing.

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen Furniture Company began in the 1930s. Since then, it has maintained a reputation for expertly constructed furniture and outstanding service. They offer free local delivery and creative financing. Ethan Allen designs its own furniture. They also do their own manufacturing, marketing, distribution, delivery and installation. Ethan Allen’s sofa frames are constructed of wood, with extra support for load-bearing areas. A sofa purchased from Ethan Allen can come with personalized extras, such as upgraded fabric, color and cushion-filling material. Ethan Allen carries its own financing and warranty on its furniture.

Thomasville Furniture

Thomasville Furniture is a popular furniture company that opened its doors in 1904. Thomasville Furniture sells its furniture in independently owned Thomasville stores and in retail stores across the country. Thomasville sofas are carefully constructed and come in an array of colors and fabrics. Some can be preordered to your personal specifications, and others are available as is in-store. They also offer leather sofas and sleepers. Sofas come with a warranty and can be financed through Thomasville.

Lane Furniture

Lane Furniture has been selling quality, economical furniture since 1912. Their sofas come in a variety of colors and leather. They can be custom-made or purchased ready-made in higher end furniture and department stores. Lane also offers recliner sofas with independent recliners at each end, and an extensive line of sleeper sofas. They manufacture their own furniture and offer a lifetime limited warranty on their furniture’s mechanical parts. Lane carries its own financing.


La-Z-Boy has manufactured furniture since 1928. They are known for their durable recliners and sofas. La-Z-Boy furniture offers strong, state-of-the-art construction. All of their fabrics are wear-tested in their lab, and their frames and mechanisms are built at the highest standard. They offer sofas in fabric or leather, sleeper sofas, sectionals and loveseats. La-Z-Boy sofas can also be upgraded to their “Comfort Core Plus” level where a “zone” core is added, in addition to a feather-blend layer in a down-proof cover. La-Z-Boy offers a lifetime limited warranty and has several financing options.