How to Make Homemade Moses Basket

Ainsley Patterson

Moses baskets are one of the many options out there when new parents must choose a place for their newborn baby to sleep. Besides being convenient because of their portability, Moses baskets are also a great choice because they offer a newborn a small and secure place to rest.


Making several spare sheets for your Moses basket will come in handy if there is a diaper leak or the baby spits up in the middle of the night. Receiving blankets may be easiest to use when making a sheet for your Moses basket if they are the right size since they are soft and will require less cutting.

  1. Use butcher paper to make a stencil of the bottom of your basket from the inside.

  2. Use your butcher paper stencil to cut your composite board and your padding to fit in the bottom of the Moses basket. Sand any rough edges of your composite board.

  3. Cut a piece of your fabric large enough to cover the top of your composite board and wrap it around to the underside of the composite board on all sides.

  4. Cover your composite board with the material, hot gluing it in place on the bottom of the board.

  5. Make a sheet for the pad of the Moses basket by cutting a piece of fabric large enough to cover the top of the pad and then wrap around to the underside of the pad rather generously. Then sew a strip of elastic around the edges of fabric so that the sheet will stay in place. You want the sheet to fit snugly on the pad for safety reasons.

  6. Use your hot glue gun and fabric to cover the inside sides of the Moses basket to protect the baby from the roughness of the baskets sides. You made also add some padding to the inside of sides of the basket before covering them in material to make it softer.