DIY Vanities

Beauty supplies can build in number, often making it difficult to store all of your daily needs. Having a vanity allows you to house your cosmetics and hair supplies with ease. Vanities also serve as a place to apply make up and take care of any other beauty needs you may have.

A DIY vanity can be an ideal place to store all of your beauty needs easily!

Making your own vanity can be done through transforming a desk or narrow table; this is a project that can be completed in a day or two and can reflect your own personal taste.

  1. Obtain a desk or narrow table, your best option would be to use or purchase an older table rather than buying a new one. After you get a table figure out what color you would like to paint your desk. Painting your vanity is a great way to make sure that it matches the decor of the room that it is in. Keep in mind that you may have to paint several coats onto your vanity in order to make sure that the color is opaque enough. Let your vanity dry thoroughly before continuing on to anything else. This may take anywhere from several hours to a full 24 hours.

  2. Move your vanity to your desired location; usually bedrooms are an ideal location for them. After you have done this find a place to put the medium sized desk dresser; putting them under your vanity is usually a fine place to set it. This dresser can serve as a place to hold all of your beauty supplies. Fill the dresser however you please usually it is easiest to house your items by type, for example: eye shadows in one drawer, nail polishes in another drawer etc.

  3. Put the mini desk drawers on top of your vanity, these can be filled with any additional items that you have or with jewelry. Place your table mirror in the middle of the two mini desk drawer sets for a united and sophisticated look. Also arrange the desk lamp on your vanity near your mirror, place it in an area that will provide you with the best light possible for applying cosmetics.

  4. Place the letter holder on your desk if you have any large make up pallets that you would like to have on your vanity. This is a way be able to easily rummage through your pallets rather than having to look through drawers to get them. Store your make up brushes in the pencil holder that you have, with the brush side facing upward; this is the best way to have your brushes maintain their shape.

  5. Put all of the trays that you have purchased into any additional dresser or desk drawer space that you have on your vanity. These trays are an excellent way to make sure that all of your products stay organized and are easy to find. Once you are satisfied with the layout of your vanity and the way you have stored your products you are finished. Put a chair or bench in front of your vanity, that way you can comfortably get prepared when using your brand new dressing table. Enjoy your custom made vanity as often as you can.


Adding personal touches to your vanity can really make your space even more beautiful. Consider placing a small vase with fresh flowers on it, framed photographs or a tiny sculpture.


Make sure to allow your vanity to thoroughly dry once you are done painting it. It is also best to paint your vanity outside or in a well ventilated area, so you do not inhale the fumes.