How to Make a PVC Hammock Stand

Carole Ellis

PVC hammock stands are sturdy yet inexpensive for what you get. They are completely weather resistant, and can be left outside, no matter what the weather, which saves a little hassle for you.

Once you have made your PVC hammock stand, you will be able to simply roll up your hammock and bring it in when the weather is not friendly without having to worry about disassembling your hammock stand as well.


Make sure to do this project when the weather forecast is clear for at least 24 hours to give your glue a chance to set firmly before the air gets humid.

  1. Attach and glue your T connectors to the ends of your 6-foot pieces of PVC pipe. Hold them in place for about 90 seconds to make sure that the glue sets.

  2. Attach and glue your two 4-foot pieces to the inside of the T connectors. When you are finished, you will have a rectangular frame work. This will be the bottom of your stand.

  3. Attach the connectors. Attach and glue the 6-inch pieces to the other end of the T connectors. Without glue, place your 90-degree-to-45-degree connectors on the end of the 6-inch piece you just attached. Give those connectors a half turn, but leave them unglued.

  4. Insert the 5-foot pieces of pipe into the half-turned ends. It will look like an inverted V going into the air. This is exactly what you want.

  5. Join the 5-foot pipes together using the 45-degree-to-45-degree connectors. This section is left unglued because a little twisting and turning will be needed to make them fit correctly. Once everything is in place, and you know that it fits, gently disconnect each piece and glue it into place. Do this on both sides.

  6. Install the hammock hooks. At the top of the 45-degree-to-45-degree connector, carefully drill a hole with your drill and 1/2-inch drill bit. Do this on both sides. Insert your hooks into this hole, and now all you need to do is hang your hammock by this hook.