Ideas for Mounting a Cast Iron Dinner Bell

Jennifer Eblin

Cast iron dinner bells feature an arm along one side, which is sometimes referred to as a bracket. This bracket has small holes, used to mount the bell to different surfaces. Display the item on your front porch, as part of your fence or even as a new doorbell for your house.

Ideas for mounting a cast iron dinner bell ensure that it doesn’t fall off or break.

Doorbell Mounting

Try using the cast iron dinner bell as an unusual doorbell for your home by mounting it right next to the front door. When someone rings the bell, it causes a loud clanging noise that is readily heard throughout the home. When you mount the bell, you need screws with a large head that completely covers the holes in the bell bracket. Decide on the placement of the bell, and press the bracket against the wall or door frame. Drill the screws directly through the bracket and into the door frame or wall. If you have a brick house or are worried about damaging the walls, add a small piece of wood to the wall first, and drill the bell into that.

Mount on a Fence

For a decorative look, hang the dinner bell from your existing fence. Choose a hanging bell, which features a frame that wraps around the bell. The bell suspends from the top of the frame while the bottom has holes for mounting the piece. The parts are sometimes called a yolk and bracket. Attach the bracket to the fence first, using screws drilled into the fence. Connect the bell and yolk to the bracket to finish the mounting process.

Lawn Mounting

Bells without a side or bottom bracket are designed to hang. For bells of this type, mount it in your yard. Install a hanging hook in your yard, similar to those used for heavy hanging baskets and plants, which are available from garden supply stores and home improvement stores. Dig a small hole in the yard, place the bottom of the hook in the hole and add sand or concrete for stability. Cover the hole with grass, and hang the bell from it.

Porch Mounting

Turn an old bell into a wind chime to decorate a porch. Drill holes through the bell, and insert clear wire through each hole, tying at the top of the bell. Suspend old keys, silverware or even jewelry from the wires, tying each piece at the end. Cut off any excess wire, and mount the finished wind chime from the ceiling of your porch.