Traeger Troubleshooting

Patrick Nelson

Traeger manufactures advanced grills and barbecues for cooking. The appliances can be used for grilling, smoking and barbecue. The appliance uses pellets fed by an auger and feature automatic start, electronic temperature control and even-heating with convection airflow.

The appliances can be used for grilling, smoking and barbecue.

Problems with Traeger grills include the grill not igniting, pellets not getting into the fire pit, noise with dropping temperatures and a dulling finish on the paint. Issues with Traeger barbecues can be troubleshot.

  1. Clear out the ash from in and around the fire pot if the grill won’t ignite. The ash is choking the fire. Open the lid, take out the cooking grill, drip pan and fire pot cover and clean out the whole area with a brush. Use a shop vacuum only if the grill is cold. Start the grill on the “Smoke” setting. Clean out the ash if the grill goes out on the “Smoke” setting.

  2. Allow seven minutes for the pellets to get from the pellet hopper through the auger tube to the fire pot if the Traeger grill is new and no pellets appear to be getting to the firepot.

  3. Check that the auger isn’t binding if the auger makes a noise and or the temperature keeps dropping. Run the grill out of pellets and remove the allen screw and nut between the auger and the motor shaft. Spin the auger shaft over the motor shaft--it should spin freely without binding. If the auger binds, loosen the bolts on the motor bracket and move the motor bracket until you can rotate the auger shaft. Re-tighten the bolts and re-attach the allen screw and nut.

  4. Wax the entire outside of the grill if you start to see dulling paint. Wait until the Traeger grill is completely cold before waxing it. Covers can also help protect against weather, dust and scratches.