Where Can One View a Kenmore Oven Owner's Manual?

Cheyenne Cartwright

Sears, the parent company of the Kenmore brand of appliances, estimates there’s at least one Kenmore product in 60 percent of all American homes. If you have a Kenmore oven that Sears still carries and you’ve misplaced the owner’s manual, you can find the manual online. For older models, you may still be able to get a copy of the manual by querying Sears’ experts.


Kenmore is Sears’ house brand of appliances. Sears first started using the Kenmore name in 1927, on a wringer washing machine. Since that time, the company has expanded the Kenmore line to include refrigerators, stoves, vacuum cleaners and sunlamps.

Though production of Kenmore ranges stopped during World War II, Sears reintroduced them in 1946 and has not ceased to produce these products since. Early innovations included pre-heat settings and glass windows in the oven doors; now, of course, the sky is the limit in terms of the features you can find on a Kenmore range.

Current Model Ovens

Sears has taken a proactive approach to helping consumers who need information about their products. For ovens currently in stock, you can go to the Kenmore website, click on “Customer care,” and then click on “Manuals” on the right-hand side of the page. This will take you to Managemyhome.com, a website maintained by Sears that you can search by appliance or by model name or number to find the manual for your oven.

Once you have found the manual, you can download it for free to your own computer.

Older Ovens

If your oven is an older model that Sears no longer sells, there’s still a chance you can get a copy of the manual. Begin by clicking on the “Answers” tab at the top of the Managemyhome.com site. Type in your question, including the model number of your oven, and click “Next.” You will immediately be taken to a page of Frequently Asked Questions, where you may find the information you’re looking for. If you don’t, you can send your question on to the experts who monitor the site.