Maytag Stove Troubleshooting

J. Taylor Ludwig

Maytag stoves are not much different than other ranges when it comes to malfunctioning. Every brand has similar problems with both gas and electric burners going out at the most inconvenient times. Maytag stove troubleshooting requires that you first diagnose the problem.

The answer can be found at Maytag’s website, which claims you can ask a question and receive an immediate reply by chatting with a technician. Some common questions about troubleshooting your Maytag range have already been answered.

Electric Stove Element Will Not Turn On

If the electric element on your Maytag stove will not turn on, it could be that it is burned out. But a bad element is just one of several things that could be wrong with the stove. It could be a damaged receptacle. If it has an element that plugs in, pull the element out and check the plug ends and receptacle itself. If there is a lot of pitting or charring, you will need to replace the element and the receptacle. Another possibility is a burned-out infinite switch. Test the voltage on the switch at the two terminals that link to the element whenever the switch is on.

Electric Stove Element Goes to High

If the electric stove element on your Maytag range goes immediately to high regardless of where it is set, it cannot be anything but the infinite switch. There is no need to even test the switch since the switch is the only part on the stove that causes the problem.

Gas Stove Burner Will Not Fire Up

If a burner on your gas Maytag stove will not fire up, it could be that the spark module is burned out. Check that the ignitor is receiving 120 volts and that the valve switch is sending 120 volts to begin the ignition. If you cannot hear any clicking sounds in the range, then the spark module is the problem. But the defective spark module could be the result of a burned-out valve switch. A leaky or worn-out ignition wire is another possibility. The ignition wire insulation sometimes wears thin in areas and causes high voltage sparks. The electrical supply receptacle could be wired in reverse.

Gas Stove Flame Cannot Be Adjusted

If the flame on your Maytag stove cannot be adjusted, there's just one possible culprit: The burner valve is completely worn out and will have to be replaced.