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Magic Chef Stove Error Codes

Denise Sullivan

Magic Chef stoves use a set of error codes to make it easier for homeowners and repair technicians to troubleshoot problems. When the unit detects a fault, the corresponding error code will be displayed on the stove's control panel. These error codes and their meanings are listed in the troubleshooting section of your Magic Chef stove's owner's manual. Once you have pinpointed the problem, press the "Off" or "Cancel" button to clear the code.

Hardware Problem

Close-up of stove top.

The "F1" error code indicates a problem in the electronic range control, which is Magic Chef's term for the stove's clock, or a bad touch pad membrane. Disconnect the touch pad and wait for an hour before reconnecting it. If you see the "F1" error again, replace the clock. Replace the control panel's touch pad if the code does not return. Some Magic Chef stoves have a combined clock and touch pad, so both items must be replaced if either one is defective.

Function Keys

If the keys on the control panel are defective, you will not be able to turn on your Magic Chef stove even if all of its internal parts are working properly. The "F7" error code indicates that one of the keys has shorted out. A function key that is stuck will generate an "F0" or "F10" error code. Replace the touch pad to correct the problem if any of these three codes are displayed.

Clock Assembly

When the clock assembly is not receiving any AC power, the display will show an "F6" error code. The "F5" error code means there is a discrepancy between the clock's hardware and the oven's watchdog circuits. The clock assembly must also be replaced when there is a problem with the analog-to-digital converter, which is represented by the "F8" error code.

Temperature Issues

The "F2" error code will be displayed if the Magic Chef oven gets too hot. This is usually a sign that the temperature sensor needs to be replaced. An "F3" or "F4" error code indicates that the temperature sensor is open or has shorted out.

Door Latch

A failed door latch affects the safety and efficiency of your Magic Chef oven. Heat escaping from the interior can burn a person who is standing in front of the oven. The loss of heat will also cause the oven to work harder to achieve your desired temperature. If you see an "F9" error code, the door lock circuit has a defect and should be replaced.