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How to Clear an F9 Error From a Frigidaire Stove

Mackenzie Maxwell

If your Frigidaire stove says "F9" on the display when you try to use it, you may need to try a few troubleshooting tips to get it back on track.

How to Clear an F9 Error From a Frigidaire Stove

While Frigidaire makes reliable appliances, the stoves can display errors from time to time. If the electronic display on your stove says "F9," you should troubleshoot before you try to use the appliance. In many cases, the fix is simple. However, some Frigidaire stove owners may need to replace a part to get their stove up and running again.

What Does the F9 Error Indicate?

On Frigidaire stoves, an error code with F9 means that the door on the stove isn't closing properly. This code may come up when something is clogging the latch, the door latch is broken or the switch assembly needs to be replaced. Some owners have found that this error code shows up after they run a self-clean cycle. In this case, the owner may just need to clear the error without replacing any parts.

Easy Troubleshooting Methods

If your stove continues to display an F9 error when you try to use it, you don't have to jump to the worst conclusion. While there's a chance you could have to replace a part or two, there's likely a simpler fix. First, firmly press the "Cancel" button. In some cases, that's the only fix the stove needs. If that doesn't clear the error message, take a damp cloth and use it to wipe off the door latch. Sometimes, food and grime can cause the latch to function improperly. Once the latch is clean, press "Cancel" again to see if the error message goes away.

If neither method works, there's still one simple trick you can try. Turn off your oven and then unplug it. Wait several minutes before you plug the appliance in once again and turn it on. This should reset the system and prompt you to reprogram the electronic control panel.


Always use caution and protective gloves when working with electricity.

Replace the Door Lock Assembly

If you try the simple solutions to clear the message and the display continues to read "F9," you may need to replace the door lock assembly. You can replace this part yourself or choose to hire a professional. Either way, you must locate the model number on your oven to ensure that you purchase the right replacement part. You can find the model number on the back of the stove, under the cooktop, behind the door or on the panel behind the bottom drawer.

Replace the Electronic Control Panel

Sometimes the door lock works well, but the display shows the F9 error. If this is the case with your oven, the problem could be with the display itself. The wiring may be wrong anywhere between the door, the computer the reads errors and the display itself. Often, you can replace the display unit to solve this problem. You'll need the model number for the stove to find the correct part for this project.