How to Reset the Timer on an Oven

Judy Asman

Most contemporary ovens have multiple controls that indicate some sort of time, causing confusion as to which button operates what. These include the clock, cook time, bake time and the standard timer.

The Oven Keypad

  1. Learn which button sets the time of day and which one sets the standard timer. If there are "Cook Time" and "Bake Time" keys, there should be individual "Stop" buttons for each. Your keypad will have up and down arrows to help you adjust the time.

  2. Understand the "Bake Time" and "Cook Time" buttons. Each of these feature are automatic time controls, where you can enter a specific time to start the oven. Use the companion "Stop Bake Time" or "Stop Cook Time" buttons for entering the shut-off time.

  3. Set your clock. This feature will be labeled as "Clock" and is used for setting the time of day.

  4. Look for the "Timer On/Timer Off" button. With this key, you can set an amount of time you want to cook or bake a dish. A buzzer will sound when that time has ended. Unlike the "Bake Time" and "Cook Time" buttons, "Timer On/Timer Off" does not start or stop the oven when you enter a time or when the time has expired.

Setting and Resetting the Timer

  1. Look for the "Timer On/Timer Off" button. This is the button you will use to turn on and turn off your timer.

  2. Start your timer. Once you press the "Timer On/Timer Off" button, use the up-down arrow buttons on your keypad to adjust the time.

  3. Reset the timer. When the buzzer has gone off, press the "Timer On/Timer Off" button to turn off the timer. If you want to reset the timer, press "Timer On/Timer Off" again and use the arrow keys to set the time.


Not all ovens have the same features. Visit your oven manufacturer's website to learn how to use your specific model.


Learn how to use your oven keypad before cooking to prevent chaos. Remember, you're working with heat and you can risk injuring yourself if you become frazzled while cooking.