How to Troubleshoot Sunbeam Electric Blankets

Leah Waldron-Gross

Warm and toasty in the winter and a money-saver for home-heating bills, Sunbeam electric blankets are made for twin, full, queen and king beds and come with a five-year warranty. If you are having a problem with your Sunbeam electric blanket, try troubleshooting at home with some easy steps before taking your blanket in for repair or replacement. For more serious repairs, contact Sunbeam's customer service department via phone or email for warranty and replacement information.


Sunbeam electric blankets can cleaned in the washing machine and dryer but cannot be dry-cleaned. Do not use electric blanket with an extension cord. The Sunbeam electric blanket cannot be used on a waterbed, adjustable bed, bunkbed or sofa. Your electric blanket should only be used on its corresponding size bed.

  1. Check the electric blanket's module cord connection, which is located at the foot of the bed to the left of the label. Press the electric cord into the slot between the two plastic strips of the module. Listen for a clicking sound to ensure the cord is securely fastened to the module.

  2. Pull the electric cord out if it is lodged between the mattress or box spring or if it is tucked into any furniture. Run the length of the electric cord on the bedroom's floor only, keeping as much under the bed as possible to avoid tripping.

  3. Identify any damage to the electrical cord, such as pierced or pinched plastic housing. If any damage is found, unplug the electric cord from the electric module first, then from the electrical wall outlet. Do not use the electric blanket with a damaged cord, as this may cause a fire.

  4. Identify any tears in the electric blanket that may be exposing the heating wires. If heating wires are exposed, unplug the electric cord from the electric module, and then unplug the cord from the wall outlet.

  5. Check for flashing lights on Sunbeam EasySet, PrimeStyle, PrimeStyle AO or EliteStyle control models. On these models only, flashing lights indicate that there is a safety problem. Re-set the controls by following the directions on your model's tag, which is located at the bottom of the blanket to the right of the electric module.