How to Remove Wires From an Electric Blanket

Louise Harding

Electric blankets are a good way to comfortably lower the thermostat at night, thus saving money on your utility bills without spending the night shivering trying to stay warm. With dual or single controls and in all colors and all sizes, electric blankets are offered in a multitude of styles and price ranges.

After investing in an electric blanket and experiencing the years of service the blanket provided, it seems like a shame to throw away a blanket that no longer works. Salvage the blanket by removing the wires and electrical components and let that blanket continue earning back your investment.


Cutting the electrical components from a plugged-in electric blanket can result in injury or death by electrocution.

  1. Verify that the blanket is NOT plugged in. Cutting the electric components from a plugged-in electric blanket can result in injury or death by electrocution.

  2. Spread the blanket out on a flat surface and identify where the electric components are. They are normally easily visible on both sides of the blanket.

  3. Cut a small hole around the cord entry point on the blanket. This is where the main cord feeds into the blanket.

  4. Cut off the main cord. Reach into the blanket through the small hole and grasp the first wires you come to. Pull and continue pulling for as long as wires will come out of the blanket. Do not cut them until you hit a snag and the wires refuse to pull freely from the blanket.

  5. Cut the wires and remove as much as you can from the blanket.

  6. Smooth the blanket and examine what areas still have wires inside.

  7. Using the scissors cut a small hole above visible wires and begin pulling wires from the hole again. Do this until no more wires will come out.

  8. Hand sew the small hole closed with the needle and thread, and move to another location on the blanket.

  9. Repeat finding, cutting small holes, and pulling wires, followed by hand sewing the holes closed until you have emptied the blanket of all of the electrical components and wires.

  10. Throw away the wires and electrical components.