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How to Troubleshoot a Bosch Dryer

Chad Buleen
Table of Contents

Bosch manufactures both full-size and compact dryers. According to Bosch, every dryer that leaves the company's factory has undergone a thorough test and is in full working condition. Despite this rigorous testing, however, time may wear down some of the dryer's abilities to operate quietly or dry efficiently.

Troubleshooting the dryer's power problems, noise issues or inefficient drying capability can ensure you're getting the most out of your Bosch unit.

Check the Basics

Check the dryer's main plug to make sure it's inserted correctly into the proper outlet in the wall. The plug should be inserted into a three-pronged outlet. A plug that's not properly inserted will prevent the dryer from running properly. Also check to make sure the door is firmly closed: The unit won't turn on while the door is open. The "Start/Stop" button must also be pressed for the dryer to run properly.

Check the Air Duct

Check behind the dryer to make sure the exhaust air duct is not blocked if you find that the clothes inside of the dryer are not dry by the time the drying cycle is over. If the duct is not covered or blocked, consider drying smaller loads, thus allowing the clothes in the dryer to more easily be exposed to the heat.

Select a Program

Select a program on the dryer's control panel if the light in the drum appears to not be working. A Bosch dryer's drum light will not operate until a program is selected. If a program has been selected and the light still will not operate, change the light bulb—it could have burnt out or might be defective.

Check for Loose Items

Stop the dryer by turning it off and unplugging it if it sounds like there are loose pieces rattling around inside of the dryer. Remove the clothing from the dryer and check the drum. The sounds you're hearing could be caused by loose change or other items that might have fallen out of unemptied clothing pockets. Remove any loose items and restart the dryer.

Adjust the Legs

Check the feet underneath the dryer if the dryer makes a loud vibrating sound when it's in operation: Uneven legs are often the culprit when this occurs. Adjust the legs so they're level. To adjust the legs, have another person hold up one corner of the dryer while you use your hand to screw the legs in or out until both legs are the same height.

The dryer should rest atop a flat, hard surface. If you hear the noise and your dryer is on top of a rug or carpet, move the dryer away from this area and turn it on to check for vibrations again.