How to Use Drapery Clip Rings

Kathy Adams

Space drapery clip rings every 4 to 5 inches along curtain panels that do not have tabs on the back-side; otherwise, use the tabs.

Drapery clip rings offer a way to hang curtains, drapes and homemade window coverings without requiring a pocket or old-fashioned hooks to attach the fabric to the curtain rod. Some curtains and drapes have tabs on the back designed for the clips, or you could space them every 4 to 5 inches along the tops or backs of panels without tabs.

Using Clip Rings on Basic Curtain Panels

The amount of rings you'll need depends on the size of each curtain panel. Measure each panel's width in inches and divide the number by 4 for the basic number of clip rings to use. Purchase a few more than you think you may need -- the clips help prevent the material from sagging beneath the curtain rod; plus, both the beginning and end of each panel need one.

Rings on the Rod

Slide all of the ring clips onto the curtain rod. You may have to remove the finial from one end first by twisting it counterclockwise or by pulling it out; construction varies.

    Hang the First Edge

  1. Clip the left edge of one curtain panel to the first or leftmost clip ring.

  2. Lift the Remaining Edge

  3. Clip the right edge of the panel to the last ring if you're using only one panel. For a multi-paneled project, clip the right edge of the first panel onto the appropriate ring. For instance, if the panel is 40 inches, and you are spacing the rings 4 inches apart, clip the right edge to the 10th ring.

  4. Hang the Other Panels

  5. Hang the remaining panels, if any, one at a time, always clipping the left edge of each panel into the first available clip ring; then clipping the right edge into place with the appropriate ring.

  6. Clip the Middle

  7. Spread the panel or panels completely closed to cover the entire window. Clip each panel every 4 inches, working from left to right to use the clips in succession.

  8. Adjust the Spacing

  9. Adjust the clips slightly left or right for a more uniform look, as necessary.


  • Cafe curtain clip rings are inexpensive. If you want something a bit more fancy, clip rings are easy to enhance. Hot glue baubles or other finds from craft stores on clips. * Make your own modern and functional curtain clips by pairing metal mini binder clips on binder rings for instant hardware.


  • Some curtain panels have tabs or an extra piece of stitched material an inch or 2 below the top, along the back. If so, attach the clips to this material to make them less obvious. Another way to keep them out of sight is to clip the material an inch or 2 below the top, along the back. * Another way to hide the rings completely is to install a valance or to use a curtain scarf -- a long piece of coordinating fabric -- to drape over the curtain rod, hanging slightly in front of the top of the curtain.