How to Paint Fake Tile Paneling

Matthew Fortuna

Ugly plastic or fake tiling takes away the decorative aspirations of many a bedroom, basement or kitchen around the world. Old tiles made in the 1970s or earlier in suburbs around the United States are common, and these tiles can often provide an outdated eyesore to new owners.

Removing or replacing the tiles can be expensive for homeowners, but you can take other strategies to give your rooms a new look. Among these strategies are painting over your fake tile paneling to give the tiles an entirely new look.

  1. Sand the tiles down thoroughly. Use P60 medium-grit sandpaper to make sure you are sanding the entire area you plan to paint. Sand evenly, and make sure to scuff the entire surface area.

  2. Apply two coats of primer with a 4-inch paint brush to your tile paneling area to ease the painting process. Apply two thin, even coats, and wait about one hour between each coat of primer.

  3. Clean your brush by soaking it in warm water for a half hour and cleaning out the bristles, or grab a new paint brush.

  4. Wait 8 to 10 hours, and paint the tile paneling with epoxy paint and your 4-inch paint brush. Mix your paint before you use it if it has not been stirred at the store. You can do this by tightening the lid and shaking it vigorously for two minutes. Wait one hour between each coat, and apply the same kind of thin and even coats as you did with the primer. Allow the paint to dry for around 10 hours.