How to Build Wood Blinds

Laura Hageman

Building wood blinds is relatively easy, but will require several hours of your time. Using wooden blinds on windows gives a room an elegant look. They also help keep out the heat during hot summers, but they can be rather expensive. You can build your own wood blinds and save a couple hundred dollars.

  1. Measure the width and length of the window. Take off a quarter of an inch from each side so that the blinds will be able to fit into the window frame.

  2. Purchase wood. Estimate how many slats you will need and how wide. If you have a window frame of 24 1/4 inches by 36 1/4 inches, then you will probably have about nine slats, depending on the thickness. The slats shouldn't be any thicker than one or two inches. Have the supply store cut the wood to the right size of 24 inches by 36 1/4-inches.

  3. Buy a wooden pole. This pole will need to be about an inch in diameter and 24 inches long. It will need to have sealant painted on it.

  4. Paint sealant on to the wood slats. This will help the wood to last longer and protect the wooden blinds from sun damage. Wait 10 hours before continuing with building the wooden blinds.

  5. Attach brackets inside the window frame. On the upper left and right hand corners there will be one bracket each that will need to be drilled into the frame.

  6. Drill a hole one inch from each end of each slat. Thread nylon string through the holes of each slat on each side. When feeding the string through the slats, start from the bottom and work towards the top. Place the pole in the top of the slats and continue to feed the string over and around the pole and back down through the slats. Adjust the wire as needed in order to make sure that the slats are even. Place the pole into the brackets.

  7. Ple the pole into the brackets. Each end will have a hole to screw into each bracket.


Do not have the wood cut too thick or it will be too heavy.