How to Make Window Scarf Holders

Lillian Downey

Window scarves are sheer, flowing window treatments that frame and decorate a window without covering the window or blocking natural light. They are attached at the corners of the frame by holders that allow them to fall freely.

window scarf

These particular window scarf holders are made from common household objects and can be customized to match your decor. They require no expensive hardware and unlike regular curtain hardware, these can be made to appear simple and sophisticated, or funky and odd. You'll be surprised by how good they look in even the fanciest of homes.


This project can also be completed using bowl or any container.


Be careful of rough edges in the cup so that they do not damage your fabrics.

  1. Cut a circle about 3 inches wide in the side of the drink cup, toward the top of the cup. Cut another directly across from it on the other side. Repeat this on the other cup. Once mounted, the closed bottom will face the room while the open mouth will be flush with the wall, so you want to make your circles closer to the mouth of the cup.

  2. Apply spray paint that adheres to plastics, or keep the original color of the cup. Allow the paint to dry completely before proceeding, to avoid ruining your fabrics.

  3. Hot glue the mounting brackets to the cup on the two sides that do not have circle cuts. You want the brackets placed so that when the cup is mounted to the wall, one side of the bracket is inside the cup, and one side is flat against the wall. Use a lot of hot glue to keep these mounts securely attached.

  4. Decorate the bottom of the cups. This is the part that will protrude into the room. Hot glue artificial flowers, hang strings of jewels or ribbon, cover them in accent fabrics---the possibilities are endless. This is really where this project takes shape. You can create little circular punches of color, or even use small family photographs.

  5. Screw the cups into the wall at opposite sides of your window. The open end of the cup, which you would normally drink from, will be flat against the wall. The circles will face the left and right, parallel with the floor and ceiling. The brackets should face the floor and ceiling, parallel with the wall. Be sure the cup is attached firmly before adding your window scarves.

  6. Carefully slide your window scarves through the holes in the cups, and adjust your window scarves as necessary. You have now created a beautiful window treatment using things you have around the house, and if you've decorated the cups with enough accents, you won't be able to tell they are cups.