How to Adjust a Flush Valve on a Urinal

Jonathan Stewart

Adjusting the flush valve of a urinal is a simple process that can generally solve most flow problems, and can keep stoppages from occurring. The system is designed to be easy to service, and requires only basic tools and understanding of standard plumbing systems.

Urinals are specialized toilets used in men's restrooms.

This entire process can be completed in about five minutes, including time spent calibrating the flush valve setting.

  1. Loosen the top of the valve system by rotating the retaining bolt with an adjustable wrench. This will give you access to the flush valve.

  2. Use your adjustable wrench to rotate the flush valve. Spin it clockwise to decrease flow, and counterclockwise to increase flow.

  3. Replace the top of the valve system, when adjustments have been made, and secure the retaining lug with the adjustable wrench.