How to Install a Wall Urinal

Dan Seitz

Urinals are a mainstay of public restrooms, but also are being installed in private homes more often. They use less water and are easier to use and clean than toilets. For the ecologically conscious, waterless urinals can be installed using the same general techniques as a regular urinal.

A wall urinal can be an eco-friendly choice.


Check all plumbing codes carefully before installing any type of urinal.

Ensure that whatever you are hanging the urinal on can take the weight of the fixture.

If you are uncomfortable with your level of plumbing knowledge, do not attempt this project.

If you'd like to install your own urinal, all you need are a few tools, some patience and some care. Soon enough, you'll have your own urinal at home to help save the Earth

  1. Measure your urinal to determine its specific dimensions, near the outflow pipe. Draw in where you would like to install your urinal on your wall with the grease pencil. Allow enough height for the comfort of anyone using the urinal, and that you can hang the urinal from studs in the wall or from another secure location. Check your sketch with the level to determine it is even.

  2. Determine where the pipes will feed water into and waste out of the urinal and saw through the wall to create outlets for the pipes. Locate the water pipe and sewer outflow pipe in your bathroom. Then measure your urinal to determine its specific dimensions, near the pipes. Shut off the water and connect your urinal to the pipes, using the pipe wrench.

  3. Apply the sealant tape on the pipes and then attach the female collar and gasket included in the urinal hardware package. Screw the collar securely into the wall. Hang the urinal using the wall hangers included in the hardware package, ensuring it is placed precisely for the pipe. Turn on the water and test it with a few flushes to ensure everything is secured properly.