How to Repair Flaking Teflon Coating in Cookware

J. Johnson
Non-stick pans do come with more dangers than other options.

A Teflon coating is a type of non-stick coating that can be found on various types of cookware. When you cook with cookware that has a Teflon coating, you need to take certain precautions to help keep the surface from becoming damaged. If the Teflon coating on your cookware is flaking, this is not damage that you can repair yourself, according to Michigan State University. In fact, attempting to repair it yourself can expose your family to the toxic particles that Teflon is made from.

  1. Heat your Teflon cookware up as slowly as possible as a way to keep the damage from getting worse.

  2. Prevent further flaking by using only plastic utensils on the Teflon surface.

  3. Contact the manufacturer of the Teflon cookware. Some manufacturers may have the option to repair the flaking Teflon for you, especially if the product was recently purchased. Remember, you should not do this type of repair yourself.

  4. Send your Teflon cookware set to the factory that manufactured it. There, they can re-coat the cookware for you. This option is not financially viable or practical unless you have multiple cookware pieces that need to be resurfaced.