How to Use a Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber

Irene A. Blake

The Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber is a lightweight portable scrubbing unit designed for use in areas where larger scrubbers prove unwieldy.

The Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber includes attachments such as brushes.

In addition, the 10-pound Spot Scrubber offers residential and commercial users a variety of attachments for easy access and cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and different types of materials. No matter the stain you’re facing, its mobility and design can make it easy for you to tackle stains on carpets, rugs, stairs and upholstery in nearly any area of your home or business.


Test colored surfaces before cleaning -- some dyes fade or bleed when wet or exposed to the Dirt Devil shampoo. Spray a small amount of solution on a lint-free, white microfiber cloth. Blot a clean area of the surface with the wet cloth and check the cloth for color transfer. If the cloth is stained, don't use your Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber. Instead, use an alternate stain-removal product or seek professional assistance.


Always use Dirt Devil Carpet Shampoo in the spot scrubber -- other cleaners can damage the unit.

Never use boiling water in your scrubber as the heat generated by boiled water can melt plastic, damaging the unit.

Never saturate a stain or surface area with cleaning solution as too much water can not only damage carpet and upholstery but other surfaces such as tile or wood beneath carpets or inside furniture. Oversaturation can also make it difficult for carpets and furniture to dry. With enough humidity, these areas can create a habitat for mold growth.

  1. Locate your Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber’s cleaning solution tank. Push on the lid-release latch at the back of the unit and then gently tilt the lid toward the front. Pull the clean water tank up and out of the left side of the unit and uncap it. Fill the tank with Dirt Devil Carpet Shampoo to the maximum fill line marked for the shampoo and then add hot tap water to the second fill line on the tank.

  2. Recap the tank and return it to the unit. Push the lid into place and relatch it.

  3. Select and connect an attachment. Attachments vary by model but may include a stain-cleaning brush, battery-powered oscillating tool and/or a stair-cleaning tool. To connect, pull the attachment hose from the back of the unit and gently push an attachment onto the end of the hose until it clicks into place. To remove the attachment and select another, push the button where the attachment connects to the hose to release the lock and gently slide the attachment from the hose.

  4. Plug the scrubber into a wall outlet and turn it on. Hold the attachment approximately an inch above the stained area and push the solution-dispense button to lightly spray the area with your shampoo and water solution.

  5. Scrub gently forward and backward across the surface with the attachment brush. Release the dispensing button, and use the attachment head to suck up debris and cleaning solution from the stained area. Repeat as needed until you have completely removed the stain.

  6. Turn off and unplug the unit when finished. Remove and uncap the dirty water tank. Pour its contents down a drain and rinse the tank under hot tap water until clean. Remove and uncap the clean water tank and then set both tanks aside to air-dry before storage.