How to Clean Burned Food from an Oven

Heide Braley

It is only inevitable that food is going to spill onto the floor of your oven if you are an avid baker. Knowing how to take care of it so your oven doesn't look grungy for weeks will take away much of your concern. It will also save you from breathing thick clouds of smoke every time you turn your oven on to bake.

Spilled Burned Food in Oven
  1. Let the oven cool down so that you will not burn yourself while cleaning up the spill. When it is still warm, use a metal spatula to scrape up any of the spill that is loose or able to be loosened with a little muscle, especially if it is a sugar-based spill.

  2. Wipe up as much as you can with your cloth. If your oven has a self cleaning option, remove everything from the oven and run the cleaning cycle according to the directions that came with your stove. Wipe off the ash when it is finished.

  3. Apply a coating of oven cleaner. Let it sit for the recommended time and then wipe it off with your cleaning cloth. Rinse it a few times with the cloth rinsed in warm water. Make sure you wear gloves as the oven cleaner is very caustic.

  4. Turn your oven on and let it heat up to 450 degrees to burn off any lingering residue. Keep your exhaust fan on high to remove any fumes and or smoke from the room. Let it run for about 10 minutes and then turn it off. Your clean oven is now ready for use.


Place a cookie sheet under dishes that might overflow Finish baking whatever caused the spill. If it is still spilling or dripping food onto the bottom of the oven, place a piece of foil under the dripping pan.

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