The Best Homemade Mop

Christopher Hall

You can make your own homemade mop that will outlast any store-bought mop. There are a few different methods to use to make your mop, and each has its benefits. However, the best mop has to be the one based on the traditional janitor-style mop. Inexpensive, easy and quick to make, it will outlast anything store bought.

Homemade Mop Materials

You may choose to make your own mop to clean your house for several reasons. It can be very inexpensive to make your own mop, you may not like how it feels to constantly throw away the disposable mopping cloths that come with certain brands of mops, or you may simply want something more durable than you can buy in the store. Depending on your reasons, you can alter your mop to suit your needs. The handle can be made from various sources as well. You may have an extra broom handle lying around the house. This can easily be used to make your mop. You may also use an old rake handle, an old mop handle, or you may buy a piece of doweling from the hardware store. If you chose to buy doweling, you may chose the exact dimensions you like for your height. A standard mop handle is 54 inches, but of course, you can chose to make yours as long or short as you need.

Choosing Mop Fabric

The best mop will use durable, long-lasting cloth that will not leave lint on your floor and will not disintegrate when used with harsh cleaners. This project can either reuse an old towel, a set of rags, brand new cloths bought from the grocery store for this purpose or even torn up old clothing. Whatever you choose will be used to mop with, so choose based on cost, durability, lack of lint and shredding, and cleaning ability. For example, microfiber cloths are an excellent choice for their cleaning ability. They also do not scratch, nor do they usually release lint. However, they may not be as durable as a terrycloth bath towel, and they may be more expensive. Consider whether your mop will be used mostly for dusting or wet mopping. A mop used mostly for dusting may not need to be as durable but will need to be more lint-free.

Details of Best Homemade Mop

There are several different types of homemade mops, but for durability and ease of use, as well as cost efficiency and simplicity, the best mop may well be one which is based on strips of toweling or other cloth secured with cable ties onto an old broom handle or doweling. This mop requires no sewing and can be made almost entirely with used items found around the house. The only purchased item may well be the cable ties used to secure the strips of toweling to the broom handle. Once the strips of toweling are cut into one-inch strips, they are wrapped around the broom handle and then secured with cable ties. When the broom handle is lifted up, the towel strips fall around the cable ties and are then secured with another strip of toweling, making a very durable mop head. This design can be made in less than an hour from start to finish, and the mop itself will last for as long as you might expect a bath towel to last, which is much longer than the standard grocery store bought mop.