How to Refinish & Care for Granite Countertops

Tonya Abari

Granite countertops are very popular and durable. However, if your countertops endure regular wear and tear, there will be a need to either replace them or refinish. Refinishing granite is more affordable than replacing it. Refinishing the granite will not only restore its beauty, but add longevity to the countertop.

In order to maintain its shine, cleaning the granite countertop on a regular basis is a must and spills should be removed immediately.

  1. Clean spills with mild soapy water using soft paper towels or a sponge. You can also use phosphate-free liquid dish soap. Some spills require stronger cleaning products, but it is best to use all-natural cleaning solutions on the countertop (such as lemon juice, vinegar and water). These agents clean the counter properly without exposing you to harsh chemicals.

  2. Repair cracks with the proper material. Small cracks can be filled with epoxy and ground up chips of granite. However, if the cracks are too big, then the whole piece must be replaced. The filling should match the color of the countertop.

  3. Refinish the granite countertop by using a hard, durable acrylic coating. It's easiest to apply the coating with a lint free cloth. Be sure to purchase enough coating for the size of the countertop.

  4. After applying the first coat of acrylic, let it dry for approximately one hour. After it has dried enough, apply another coat. Each brand and countertop size may require different drying times, so allow for drying time according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  5. Wipe countertop with a soft, non-abrasive cloth to bring out the shine. Make sure that the area is dry to prevent from scratching or cracking the newly applied acrylic coating.


Use sealant on the kitchen counter top every other year to protect the surface and maintain its shine.


Never use harsh chemicals on the granite counter top. These chemicals will break down properties in the granite and increase the need for frequent repairs.